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The foundational idea inspired by (Tada Hozumi · 穂積理彰) is the idea that cultures are in fact ‘bodies’ that emerge from complex networks of relationships. Because of this, individual change and collective change are embodied processes that have a reciprocal fractal relationship. Think of the ripple effect when one person works on their healing, they are also working on the collective realm within a culture.

We believe in heart-centered connection with our clients. Our goal is not just to listen to our clients with our ears, but in tandem with our hearts and hands. We listen, tune in and allow the tissues to guide us into deeper connection with the body, one part touch, one part intuition, one part heart. We serve as a hub for communities and individuals to connect with self and others.

In an effort to bridge the undeniable health and wealth gap within the wellness industry, we have partnered with the Healing Justice Collective of Central Oregon to offer high quality, accessibly priced, massage therapy, bodywork and energy work. Led by BIPOC practitioners, we offer customized, one-to-one healing services to historically marginalized and underserved communities. We have a bilingual staff member who is fluent in both English and Spanish.

As bodyworkers, practitioners, and licensed healthcare providers, our roles are simply to facilitate. We are not “Healers”, You, are the one doing the healing.


We respect and value our staff, their paths of study, their skills, their health and their time and energy. Our thoughtfully chosen treatment pricing supports not only a realistic living wage, but also fosters healthy, nourished practitioners who feel valued and seen.

We believe in the prioritization of ethical practices and systems that hold our organization accountable as a mindful business model.


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