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Laura (she/they) studied massage here in Bend at Central Oregon Community College. Her interest was piqued through her work as a caregiver, when she discovered the disabled community has little access to bodywork but a big demand for it. She grew up in Colorado with two disabled sisters, and has been passionate about serving the community her entire life, even earning a minor in Disability Studies as an undergraduate student. Since becoming a massage therapist, she has learned more about the barriers all marginalized groups face when seeking healing treatment. She's dedicated to helping break down these barriers within her field, as it lines up with her passion for social justice and equity.

Laura provides relaxing, therapeutic massage to promote lasting structural change. She combines Neuromuscular Treatment and Shiatsu, tied together with a smooth Swedish flow, which results in unique and varied sessions. Laura is primarily interested in working with fascia, which includes Trigger Point Therapy, joint mobilization, gua sha, and other myofascial techniques. She specializes in focused bodywork guided by intuition, her acute attention to detail, and problem solving. She will work with you to create sessions catered to your specific goals--whether that be reducing pain, improving performance, finding balancing your body, or de-stressing.

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