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Through freeing the tissues of the body,

we weave stories of resiliency & healing.

Our professional, inclusive approach is trauma-informed, size & gender liberated.


Our bodywork & energetic approach focuses on fostering embodiment practices that empower different bodies, including those historically-oppressed, in an effort to build a restored & engaged community.

A través de la liberación de los tejidos de nuestro cuerpo, tejemos historias de resiliencia y sanación.

Nos relacionamos de manera profesional e inclusiva, con conocimiento de trauma y sin prejuicios de talla o género.

Nuestras técnicas corporales y energéticas se enfocan en la adopción de prácticas que empoderan las diferentes fisonomías del cuerpo humano, incluyendo las contexturas históricamente oprimidas, con ánimo de construir una comunidad sana y unida. 



We offer Insurance billing for Pacific Source and Motor Vehicle Accident / PIP / Car Crashes.

Health Savings Account (HSA) benefits are accepted.

No call / No show appointments will be charged in full. Cancellations with less than 12 hours notice will be charged 50% of service. Exceptions may be made for emergencies.



This customized bodywork session is guided by your unique, ever changing body and spirit. Using a combination of hands on therapeutics, such as table Thai, Zen Shiatsu, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial, Sports Massage, Energy work and Neuromuscular therapy, we feel, observe and attune our work to your body and your tissues freedom of expression.

When suitable, we include additional therapeutic tools such as Gua Sha, Hot Stones, Cupping, CBD Topical, Infrared Heat, Flower Essences and/or artisanal Aromatherapy to support your total care at no extra cost. Benefits may include enhanced circulation, lymphatic system support, increased range of motion in the muscles, reduced stress and tension, and clearing metabolic waste in the tissues.

60 Min - $100 / 90 Min - $140 / 120 Min - $185



This radiant facial is based on the Five Element theory of Chinese Medicine. It is said that our body structure, emotional tendencies, temperaments, behaviors, illnesses and moods are a synergy between the five elements of: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  To best restore balance and sustain vitality there needs to be an equilibrium between these elements within our bodies. 

Guided by your skin's needs, your session will include a deep-cleanse, exfoliation and botanical mask using the power of raw fruits, flowers, oils and extracts, honey and herbal infusions. Accompanied by rejuvenating and lifting facial massage techniques, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, fascia tension release, hand/foot/scalp massage, crystal healing, and gua sha to unwind muscle tension and stimulate fluid movement, this Five Element experience will leave you both relaxed and glowing.

60 Min - $100 / 90 Min - $140



Reiki is an intelligent energy, spiritually guided, like an adaptogen ~ it goes exactly where it is needed to provide the most healing for a person. It is the practitioner's purpose to listen and help guide the energy, yet it is Reiki itself that is the healer. Reiki energy encompasses a serene glowing radiance, warmth, trust and the ability to truly surrender. These energy sessions offer a simple and safe method of spiritual healing and self-care. May these sessions replenish your being, bring your soul and body to a space of true softening.

60 Min - $100 / 90 Min - $140



This 90 or 120 min session has been referred to as “Medicine of the Future” as it works as both as a science and an art form. ‘Dien Chan’ is a form of Reflexology using a tool / “detector” on the face mostly made of stainless steel & ox bone or just a pure stainless steel weighted detector.
Reflexology implies the principle that by stimulating one part of the body, another part of the body is re-balanced. More precisely, when the skin (a major sense organ) is stimulated according to established maps which reflect all the organs of the body, the nervous system (central, then peripheral) responds to reach the targeted organ or area. It works to restore the correct flow of energy in the body.

Facial Reflexology hacks the nervous system to reprogram the brain and utilize our innate healing capability allowing the body to self-regulate without other external supplements, herbs or drastic lifestyle changes or diets. Deep within our cells, there is a profound knowing of how to create homeostasis in the body and be well.

This session begins with the breath as a heart opener (restorative tools such as block or bolster along the spine and heart weaver flower essence are typically used) as we want to open up the heart space before working on the face. This unique treatment combines facial reflexology for bringing our bodies (both physical and energetic) back to balance, gua sha facial massage for tension release in the face which also helps create a natural “facelift”, the Jade comb and Yin hair rake to help balance both hemispheres of the brain and release fascial tension in the scalp and finishes up with some neck, shoulders, arms and hand massage to work through the entire heart meridian. Don’t be surprised if you’ve tapped into theta brain waves, you have plenty of time to ground after the session and hydrate.

90 Min - $140 / 120 Min - $185



Prenatal Massage is such a comforting gift to both mama and baby. It may help to reverse the effects of fatigue, ease any stress, provide more restful sleep, while also decreasing stress in weight-bearing joints, improving circulation and helping ease pain in the lower back, shoulders, neck, and calves. Truly- it just straight up feels good. We provide a comfortable pregnancy cushion for Mamas-to-be to lay on safely on their bellies. Enjoy a quiet moment to yourself and remember that your baby gets a massage too as mama receives.

60 Min - $100 / 90 Min - $140



This 60 minute session can help melt tension through your whole body while the focused attention is on your upper body. The session includes a thorough intake to determine the potential cause of headaches or jaw tension and pain. Treatment includes trigger point therapy, massage, and fascial release to soft tissue of the shoulders, neck and head. A facial gua sha tool can be added to help release the jaw and free up movement. The relief of tension and pain from this session can be immense, and is indicated for those with occupational postural stress (prolonged desk work) or TMJD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). Come unwind!

60 Min - $100 / 90 Min - $140



Have you been in a car accident? Oregon auto insurance policies cover your care for massage therapy. Massage therapy can be used for treatment of whiplash and other accident related injuries, which can reduce inflammation and scar tissue, relieve pain and reduce muscle spasms. Even minor accidents can cause major injuries and getting treatment after an accident is critical to recovery. Our therapists are trained in soft tissue injuries caused by auto accidents.

Medical Massage is a myofascial release, trigger point therapy and a methodical soft tissue treatment performed to treat a previous diagnosis or a specific concern. This session includes a comprehensive intake to address your specific concerns to safely work through the body. This session may be treated independently or in tandem with your health care team to provide complete care.

This treatment is indicated for those with any condition such as: whiplash/neck injuries, chronic headaches, circulatory concerns such as lymphedema, neuropathy (tingling/numbness), frozen shoulder & rotator cuff injuries, scoliosis, chronic pain, hip dysfunction, spinal issues (back pain), pre/post surgery, and more.

60 Min - $100 / 90 Min - $140 / 120 Min - $185


Image by Mykyta Martynenko

Communitie strives to offer a non-hierarchical holistic hub of support,

which centers the collective potency of community care in creating a more

embodied and compassionate society. We believe that rest and self-care is critical

to restore and repair our individual and cultural nervous systems.

We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian &

ALL Bodies of Culture, LGBTQI communities & disabled people.

We recognize the need for racial, social and disability justice.

Our business runs on 100% Renewable Energy.





(she/her/ella) is a Mother (to a bicultural little and one little on the way), an LMT / bodyworker, a somatic guide implementing cultural somatics, an energy medicine practitioner, a holistic esthetician, a social justice activist, a creative visionary and founder of COMMUNITIE Wellness in Bend, Oregon.

Bella is a first generation American (Xicana), born to two Mexican immigrants, in a small border town in south Texas and grew up living between both Mexico (CDMX, Cuernavaca, Oaxaca & Tulum) and the U.S. (Mostly Austin, TX & now Bend, OR) throughout her entire life. Living in both countries and having only Spanish-speaking parents, she became fluent in both Español & English. Decolonization practices are at the root of her work.



(she/they) came to practicing bodywork through a series of synchronistic encounters through her own healing.  After years of steeping in yoga and other somatic experiments, she was guided to a few different craniosacral therapists that radically changed her healing process.  Around the same time as a yoga instructor, the class attendees responded well to her hands-on adjusts and the decision to attend massage school was clear. 


She moved to Bend in 2018 completed the massage therapy program at COCC the following year.  She is currently pursuing trainings in Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation to expand her approach to bodywork.  She is learning and practicing how to be trauma-informed, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and explore in an animistic world.  Additionally, Christine studied holistic nutrition, completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training, and has a B.A. in Art History and German Studies.


707 NW Hill Street

Bend, OR  97701


By Appt:

12-7 pm Monday to Saturday
Closed Sundays

We've got you! Thanks!




Bella is a magical energy worker. I came in for a massage and let her do her thing, she had many ideas of different modalities to employ for my healing....She is so gentle, intuitive and caring, and I trusted her fully to work on what she thought would benefit my healing the most. And I am so happy I did!


The facial mapping was so relaxing, it felt like she was adding energy to certain places in my body and calming others through mini massage on my face. Then the massage, wow! My heart felt unburdened and opened and my neck, the cupping was so healing and I felt all the tension working its way out from all the burden I hold for my community....


- Jessica Amascual, Co-Founder of Healing Justice Collective

“Laura has an incredible intuition for finding the problematic hot spots in my back and shoulders. She is a great communicator and always asks for my feedback pre-massage then provides treatment specifically for how I’m feeling that day. I come in feeling stressed and leave Communtie feeling calm with a sense of renewal. It truly feels like Laura puts everything she has into each massage and I’m happy to say now I’m a weekly regular!


- Drew Bousunis, Father & Farmer

"My first experience with Bella was more than what I could have asked for. Her presence is so welcoming and nurturing. She has a soft touch and is very intuitive; she understands the physical body has its stories. She is very knowledgeable and made me feel really comfortable by explaining to me how the mind-body holds tension. She is a wonderful soul who wants to help all people, specifically women of color. She is a gift to our community. I can't wait to continue working on releasing trauma from my body with her magical touch.


- Fatima Castro, Wilderness Guide, Trauma-Informed Yoga Guide, & Co-Founder of Healing Justice Collective

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